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Personal Profile

Programming is my passion, my hobby and my job. It's a 16 hour a day addiction that I count myself unbelievably fortunate to be paid to do. My desire and dedication to my craft drive me to push the boundaries of my knowledge and expertise day in and day out.

I have over 12 years of server-side and client-side programming experience. I have 6 years of server and network administration experience. I’ve tuned very large databases to achieve extremely fast performance even under high transaction loads. I’ve employed several types of caching mechanisms and load balancing systems in order to scale sites to handle high traffic situations. This culmination of knowledge allows me to architect systems from the top to the bottom of the stack, and everywhere between.

Besides writing software and teaching developers in corporate environments. I’ve also contributed to Open Source projects and community events. I’ve been a featured speaker at PHP user group meetings. I’ve contributed to the PHP project and was a member of the PHP QA team. On this team I contributed hundreds of regression tests, organized and ran local TestFest events and even lead the global TestFest initiative in 2009.

Areas of Knowledge and Ability in Technology

My primary programming and development skill set includes: PHP, MySQL, X/HTML, XML, Javascript/JSON, CSS, Flash, ActionScript 2/3, Bash, Memcache, CodeIgniter, jQuery and Photoshop.

My secondary programming and development skill set includes: Ruby and Rails, C, Java, Ada95, Perl, OpenBase, Prototype/Scriptaculous and WebObjects.

I'm intimately familiar with Apache, Unix/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Routers, Switches, Load Balancers, DNS, POP, IMAP, SMTP, TCP/IP, HTTP/S, UDP, SVN, Git, VPN, cryptography and security.

I'm knowledgeable in Bind, Qmail, Sendmail, and CVS.

Work History

Brandmovers, Inc (03/2006 - Present)
Atlanta, GA

I was initially hired by this company to fill the position of lead programming architect. My duties included architecting the frameworks and classes which power all of the companies online projects. I was responsible for all web service infrastructure including server hardware, server software, data centers and platform decisions. I was tasked with defining code and development standards as well as promoting best practices and streamlining the entire development process. Finally, I was responsible for all large to medium scale projects and many of the small projects well.

In November of 2007, I was named the Vice-President of Information Technology. While maintaining all of my previous responsibilities, I was additionally tasked with the management of all operations related to the IT department of the company. This includes the hiring, training and supervision of all IT department staff. I select and manage all the IT related assets within the company and continually research and evaluate new technologies for feasibility, efficiency and improvement of our IT services.

HIP Advertising, Inc (01/2003 - 03/2006)
Springfield, IL

Lead web applications programmer for the company. My responsibilities included project analysis, quotation, implementation and testing of all web applications handled by the company. I was also responsible for all web and database servers. I telecommuted to this job from my home office in Georgia. I continue to do freelance work for this company to this day.

Door2Door Technologies (04/2002 - 01/2003)
Newnan, GA

As a PC repair and network technician my responsibilities included troubleshooting and fixing PCs, broadband connections and networks both in residential and commercial environments.

Freelance Programmer/Developer (2001 - 2002)
Daytona Beach, FL & Newnan, GA

After college I worked as a freelancer for local businesses in Daytona Beach, FL and then in Newnan, GA after my move. My work included project analysis, quotation, design, development and programming of web sites for small companies. Even after taking a permanent day-time job, many of my clients insisted I continue to provide web services for them during my evening hours. Some of those clients I still have today.

Educational History

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (1998-2001)
Daytona Beach, FL
Studied Software Engineering and Aeronautical Science

Marion Military Institute (1994-1996)
Marion, AL
Associates of Arts.

Lincoln Land Community College (1994)
Springfield, IL
Math courses my senior year in high school.

Calvary Academy (1990-1994)
Springfield, IL
Graduated with Honors


For both employment and character references, please visit the references section of my web site.


My project history has included many large and small companies. From Agilent and Dr Pepper to small equipment rental companies.

Some of my past and present clients include: Agilent, Dr Pepper, Popeyes, NASCAR, Holiday Inn, Royal Caribbean, Dairy Queen, Russell Athletics, Mizuno, Johnny Rockets, Atlanta Journal Constitution, BiC, Bravos, Wendy's, Estwing and many many more.

Please see the portfolio section of my web site for specific examples of my work.


Began working with the PHP QA team in June of 2008 and was granted karma a month later.

Graduate of the November 2007 Ruby on Rails Bootcamp held by The Big Nerd Ranch.

Promoted to Vice-President of Information Technology at Brandmovers in November of 2007.

Graduated near the top of my class in the Army Early Commissioning Program's Basic Camp and was awarded a full ride scholarship to Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL in 1994.

Received the Mitchell Award in 1988 from the Illinois Wing of the Civil Air Patrol and promoted to Deputy Cadet Commander.

The only graduate of the Para-Rescue Jump Orientation Course from my squadron in 1997.